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Plant Nursery

Customized Garden Plan

Need help identifying the plants in your yard and knowing what to do with them?


Consultation on-site, as well as offsite garden plan creation.

I come out to your site and help identify your plants and take notes to later turn into a customized plan for your yard. Your customized plan includes when and how to prune specific plants, fertilization needs and timing, pest control and more!

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Garden Design Consultation

Need professional plant selection, placement, and design advice?

Get on-site design recommendations based on your preferences, as well as the "right plant, right place" concept, taking into account the mature size of the plant and best growing conditions like soil needs and sun exposure. 

Design ideas can be mocked up after our meeting using photo software, giving you two different design options to choose from.

Gardening Shears

Onsite Garden Q&A

Ask a pro your garden questions and get answers!

This is a customer-led consultation focusing on your concerns and needs!

Ask your gardening questions and get professional answers- whether it be hands-on pruning training, learning proper gardening practices, weed ID and control techniques, pest and disease diagnosis and control, or whatever else you need to know to feel more confident in your garden!

Purple and Pink Hanging Flowers

Container Design

Container plantings are an easy way to add instant impact to your home's curb appeal!

Custom container planters designed and installed on a one-time basis or changed seasonally for your home or business. We have different plans to suit your needs, including monthly maintenance. Contact Flourish for plans and pricing info.


Great for sprucing up storefronts or staging homes for sale! 

Plant Nursery

Plant Procurement

Need help finding specific plants for a landscape design? Let me help you find them! 


I provide sourcing and procurement services for landscape design plans/plant lists using my extensive local retail and wholesale resources- either finding specific plants or suitable substitutes for unobtainable plants.

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Providing Garden Coaching and Container Design Services throughout
Snohomish & North King Counties