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Landscape Design

Need professional plant selection, placement, and design advice?

The benefit of hiring a Certified Professional Horticulturist to design your yard is that I don't just recommend what will look good, but I come up with what will work well long term in your specific location.


I use the "right plant, right place" concept, taking into account the mature size of the plant and best growing conditions like soil needs and sun exposure. ​

How It Works

During the consultation, we will discuss your preferences and needs for the space. I will take photos of your space, and after our consultation will use a Photoshop-like design software program to mock up some design ideas.


The design plan will include a complete plant list with links to plant descriptions. I work with you, making any adjustments until your design is ready to go! 

You can either use these plans as a shopping and planting guide, or I can source the plants for you and refer you to my preferred landscapers for installation. 


Message me today to make the first step toward your dream yard! 

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Sample Photo Mock-Up


and Afters

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